About Us

“more than 22 years of satisfied clients “

For the past 22 years, we developed unique manufacturing techniques to adapt our Stretch Ceiling production to Architects’ requirements. The best results were achieved through a close coordination between BARRILUX manufacturing facilities and its installation teams on site.

BARRILUX PVC films are produced in Germany, by the market leader in the field. The strong alliance that we built with our film supplier is behind the sustainable quality that we guaranty. With thousands of executed projects, BARRILUX now has the biggest in-house team of qualified technicians and ceiling designers.

Integrating high quality films and combining both the manufacturing and the installation aspects, BARRILUX is in an exclusive position to deliver a single source warranty of 15 years.


The earlier Stretch Ceiling brands purposely built ambiguity around the soft PVC films origins. None of the existing Stretch Ceiling brands produce PVC films. The traceability of the films’ origin is very important in respect to quality, specifications and health hazards.

BARRILUX PVC films are produced in Germany. The name of our film producer is disclosed on demand.