Technical Specs

  • Interior Gas Emission:

    VOC classification: A+
  • Acoustics:

    BARRILUX renders excellent acoustic results while maintaining an excellent finish.

    BARRILUX standard product: NRC = 0.75 according to ASTM C 423 (with insulation)

    BARRILUX PF Ø 1.27mm: NRC = 1.00 according to ASTM C 423 (with insulation)

    BARRILUX MPF 300: NRC = 1.00 according to ASTM C 423 (with insulation)

  • Moisture Resistance:

    BARRILUX is moist proof, dust proof and maintenance free.

    Water vapor transmission= < 50 g/m².24h according to NF EN 14716 § 4.1.3

  • Fire Certification:

    Fire certification: Class 1 according to ASTM E-84 (UL test reports)

    Fire certification B – s2, d0 & B – s1, d0 according to EN 13501 – 1 & EN 13501 – 1 +A1 (LNE test reports)

  • Environment:

    BARRILUX is environment friendly 100% recyclable.

  • Bacterial Resistance:

    BARRILUX has unique Anti-bacterial properties.

    No growth according to ASTM G 22-76.

  • Fungal Resistance:

    BARRILUX is resistant to fungal deposits.

    No growth according to ASTM G 21-96.

  • Anti-Ageing:

    BARRILUX maintains its new fresh look over the years.

  • UV resistance:

    Behind glass: No visible change according to ASTM-D638

    Direct exposure: No visible change according to ASTM-D638

  • Heat Resistance:

    BARRILUX is very resistant to gradual and sudden thermal changes.

    Sagging= 0 mm at 70oC; = 1 mm at 90oC; = 3 mm at 110oC.

  • Light Diffusion:

    BARRILUX different translucent materials render different light diffusion properties.

    For translucent range: transmission between 40% to 85%.

  • Big Stretches

    BARRILUX® ceilings were originally designed for very large areas. Due to its light weight and easy dismantling features, you can achieve very big spans of flat and homogenous look without any joints.

  • Decorative joints

    BARRILUX® ceilings can also be installed in stripes. You can choose the width and length of the individual stripes. The stripes are held together by decorative joints (groove) ensuring a perfect neat finish.
  • Reduced obstruction

    We set the levels, fix our peripheral frames & leave the whole ceiling area free for other works. The final ceiling installation is a matter of hours.
  • Indirect lighting

    BARRILUX® ceilings will give you the light reflections you need.
  • Suspended ceiling

    BARRILUX® can be fixed on a multitude of suspended sub-structures.
  • Quick installation & dismantling

    The installation of a BARRILUX® flat ceiling (e.g.: 50 m2) would normally take less than three hours. The dismantling of the same would require less than 15 minutes. You can dismantle and re-install your ceiling as many times as you want without affecting its finish.
  • Clean installation

    The installation is clean and dry; no painting is required.

    The pre-fabricated ceiling is brought to site in the pre-selected color & texture.

  • Maintenance

    BARRILUX® does not require any maintenance

    Easy dismantling when needed

    Repeated dismantling will not affect the properties of BARRILUX®

    Any size access panels are possible.

  • Cleaning

    BARRILUX® is anti-static; does not attract dirt.

    It can be cleaned with water or aseptic solutions, water-jet can be used where appropriate.

  • Hygienic

    BARRILUX® surface is smooth & non-porous in nature

    BARRILUX® is Anti-Bacteria & Anti-Fungus

    The material is non-toxic and fiber free (in conformity with international standards).

    The stretch false ceiling is ideal in hospitals and operation rooms.

  • Inert

    BARRILUX® does not react with chemicals: Chlore, formol, ether, trichlo….
  • Moisture proof

    BARRILUX® is not affected by moisture; small water leakages will evaporate without being noticed.
  • Water proof

    BARRILUX® ceilings are impermeable to water.

    In case of large water leakages, BARRILUX® can hold back incredible quantities of water by forming a pocket. The water can be easily evacuated and the ceiling will automatically go back to its original shape.

  • Ecological

    BARRILUX® material is 100% recyclable and re-used to produce other product which reduces the amount incinerated waste and burned trash.
  • Dust proof

    BARRILUX® will retain the dust coming from the plenum & will not allow any dust to go to the plenum.
  • Durability

    PVC Stretch Ceilings have proved to be very long lasting (over 25 years background).

    Other ceilings can be durable, but very few will keep their fresh original look.

  • Ageing

    BARRILUX® will maintain all its properties over the years.
  • Stable

    No visible deformation with temperature variation from -5° C to + 90° C.
  • Para seismic

    BARRILUX® elastic properties make it a perfect solution for high-risk seismic areas. This light weight ceiling brings an additional safety in case of collapse.
  • Thermal shield

    It saves energy by lowering the ceiling and by decreasing the waste of heat.

    BARRILUX® can be installed in combination with all types of insulation material.